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I’m Alex Kelerman. I want to help you grow your business using social media, content and email.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been pushing through the challenges of making people care about what I had to say or offer as a business. After going through a lot of trial and error and figuring things out for myself, I decided to start working with small businesses and help them sell more, using digital and social media marketing. I’ve helped clients do 5-figure product launches and build audiences of thousands of people in less than two months. 

I podcast and write articles about using social media, content marketing, email and building an audience to sell more of whatever your business has to offer.

I am using all of my expertise to help you achieve your goals. And I’m going to share my coffee brewing tips with you (I’m a huge coffee fan!).

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The Kelerman Podcast

A weekly show on overcoming the challenges of building your business and selling stuff through social media and other digital channels.

Entrepreneurs Alex Kelerman and Raluca Popescu join their perspectives every Wednesday and provide actual insights and stories from their journey of growing their businesses.

You’ll have a chance to learn ways to grow your business through content marketing, paid traffic, Facebook, Instagram and email.

How To Acquire Customer Leads With Facebook Ads

How to Acquire Customer Leads With Facebook Ads

A lot of businesses do this…

They run awareness campaigns introducing their brand to new audiences and then they introduce a direct selling message, encouraging fresh prospects to buy something.

When trying to sell higher-dollar products, though…

You might want to run a lead generation campaign and build a relationship with those leads first, before running a direct response campaign that sells something to them.

Start Making Sales By Giving People What They Want

Start Making Sales by Giving People What They Want

You might think people want a certain thing you have to offer.

You might tailor your marketing message to speak to a certain problem you know they have.

You might invest in courses that teach you how to write and sell better so that you can figure out how to sell the product better.

You fine-tune the product, you invest in traffic, you even re-launch the product itself.

You would say this is a winning strategy, especially if you’re a marketing connoisseur. This is the bread and butter of marketing and selling, after all.

But you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve done all of these things and nothing works. Sales simply do not happen.

What do you do?